Robert Sutz, Author

Mr. Sutz highly successful 40-year career as a commerical artist has permitted him to enjoy high honors and recognition as a Fine Artist.

Sutz has worked on creating the Life Mask for the Holocaust Survivor, Henry Pestka. It serves a great cause of preserving the memories of the holocaust survivor, and honors the sacrifices made in order to survive and defeat evil & oppression.

Born in 1920, Chicago, IL, he studied at the Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago Art Institute and the American Academy of Art. After military service as an artist/photographer, Mr. Sutz began his commercial art career as an advertising and editorial illustrator. In 1958, he joined the Leo Bennett Advertising Agency in Chicago where he served as Art Director for more than twenty years while also pursuing a personal parallel career in Fine Art.

Robert Sutz executes his Fine Art in all mediums. Eil, pen & Ink. He has received honors in many exhibitions showing examples of his varied artistic talents. As a fine artist, Mr. Sutz is recognized in America and abroad for his sensitive portrayals of urban scenes. He has won praise for his portraits and Life Masks of prominent individuals. 

Henry Porterfiled, Chicago Daily editor, describes Sutz as “Someone you should know. His paintbrush speaks in a language learned over a lifetime in the city.”

Since 2000, as a tribute to his father, whose families were murdered in Nazi concentration camps, Sutz has devoted full-time to create Life Masks of Holocaust Survivors and Paintins of Holocaust Scenes.

Henry Pestka - Life Mask